Published: September 5, 2022

As of September 2022, you have a better option for whiplash care in Petaluma.

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When I started chiropractic college in 1998, one of the things that intrigue me the most about chiropractic care was the tool set a tardis to treat personal injury patients. Early on in my studies, I took weekend courses on whiplash and spinal trauma. I also took other classes from continuing education providers, but they weren't quite as interesting to me as personal injury was.

I've been at this profession for over 20 years now. And now, in 2022, I have opened a new office in Petaluma California where I can see personal injury cases, work with attorneys, and be closer to my family in Sonoma California.

Convenient location in Petaluma

When I started this office,, I wanted to choose a location that would be convenient for my patients. I think I found the perfect location. Our office is right next to Starbucks and Pub Republic. At my clinic which is a retail location, you can park your car steps away from the front door. It's incredibly convenient. We are also right off one of the main streets in Petaluma: Lakeville Highway, and McDowell Boulevard.

This location is convenient for me, the owner and doctor, and it's also convenient for you, the patient.

Experienced doctor in treating whiplash injuries

But convenience doesn't matter a whole lot if you are working with a Doctor Who does not know how to treat personal injury patients. As I said above, I took continuing education courses on spinal trauma early on in my chiropractic career. As a matter of fact, before I graduated from chiropractic college, I attended over 1000 hours of postgraduate continuing education courses.

After graduation, I worked with multiple clinics in Sonoma County and San Francisco. There were two types of people that I like to work with. The first was athletes who were mindful and sensitive to imbalances in their bodies. The second continues to be people who are victims of car accidents who have had whiplash and spinal trauma.

I'm not a very boastful person, but when you have somebody who focuses their attention on a certain field, they tend to be highly confident in working in that field. I think that putting my focus on spinal trauma puts me in a unique position to help more and more people.

Part of an extensive network of Doctors who take Liens

As of September 2022, I have been approved by the staff at Doctor's on Liens. Their representatives personally visited my clinic to be sure that what I have to offer will be helpful for the personal injury patients that their attorneys refer. Sometimes attorneys in other parts of the state just don't know who to refer to, with Doctors on Liens, they can be sure that the referral network is full of top-notch doctors.

Even recently, I have had attorneys calling me from Southern California asking who they can refer to in other parts of the north bay where patients are just too far away to travel to see me. Attorneys working in personal injury tenders spend a lot on marketing, in hopes to have cases that Bring a worthwhile return on investment. They can't gamble with just referring to any unknown doctor. I hope to be known as a chiropractor who can be relied upon for attorneys throughout California.

Works with your attorney to provide updates, documentation, and oversee care

If you were a patient who has been injured in an accident, you are looking for a Doctor Who is confident in his abilities to treat you and give you the best outcomes possible. You don't want to be left with a lifetime of pain, because your injuries were neglected. So, you need to choose an office as well equipped to handle neck injuries or low back injuries.

At the same time, you may have hired an attorney. And the doctor that you choose needs to provide updates, documentation, and oversee care on the attorneys behalf so the attorney can work with you the best they can. Attorneys don't like it when there are no lines of communication open to them for your case. They don't want to wait too long to have records returned to them. We try to get our records that within three days after a request.

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