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We have built up our procedures and systems around caring for those injured in car accidents. This include working with attorneys, with liens, and providing proper documentation. But the bottom line is that if you are injured, you need excellent care with proper followthrough through the healing process. 
Chiropractic care


Hands on and instrumetn assisted chiropractic care. To your comfort.
Home exercises

Home Exercise

Exercises for your stage of the healing process. A powerful combo with chiro.
Neurological examination

Neuro Exam

Documenting the effects of an injury that might have affected the way your nervous system works. 
Orthopedic examination

Ortho Exam

Range of motion and joint weight bearing might have been affected by your injury. We document it. 
Interferential therapy


Acute injuries to muscles might need inferential stimulation to relax from an injury.
Shockwave therapy


Older injuries sometimes might need a deeper type of soft tissue therapy to chase away scar tissue. 


Document and assess movement patterns after an injury and before sports activities.
Kinesiotape with Rocktape


A great way to support and stabilize injured muscles and joint. 
Chiropractic Adjustments

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