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The Pebley case, and treating injuries on a lien.

Doctors who treat on a lien in California need to know about the Pebley case. Sometimes, a patient will seek out the best doctor to treat their injuries from car accidents, and the doctor does not take their insurance. In this case, you're essentially uninsured, and you must treat your injuries on a lien if you can't afford to pay the doctor out of pocket.

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a group of personal attorneys in California are gathering around a table discussing tort cases.

Navigating the 9-to-5: How Long Should I Be Off Work for Whiplash?

Sometimes you have to miss work because of an injury. but how much work can you miss? What determines how much work you should take off?

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The Unseen Power of Chiropractic: A Gentle Touch to Heal Whiplash

In the bustling city of Petaluma, within the thriving heart of Sonoma County, there lies a sanctuary that offers solace to the weary and the wounded. adjust.clinic Chiropractic Care is not merely a place of business; it's a sanctuary where the art and science of chiropractic bloom. A Healing Touch It's no secret that modern […]

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a group of personal attorneys in California are gathering around a table discussing tort cases.

Navigating the Paradox of Personal Injury Law: Fast Recovery vs. Slow Progress

The Dance of Recovery: Speed vs. Stamina Imagine a dance, where one partner wants to finish quickly, taking swift and direct steps, while the other aims to prolong the experience, savoring every move. This dance mirrors the paradox of personal injury recovery. On one hand, the injured party and their healthcare providers (like our specialized […]

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A woman is sad because she just got a whiplash injury

Expect to Recover: The Surprising Link Between Mindset and Whiplash Healing

Today, we're diving deep into the world of whiplash-associated disorders, or WAD, and the role our expectations play in recovery. This is based on a fascinating study conducted in Sweden, and it's going to change the way you think about healing. Whiplash from car accidents Whiplash, as you might know, is a neck injury that […]

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paperwork and liens

The Comprehensive Guide to Medical Liens in Auto Accident Injury Cases

if you are injured and require medical treatment, it is important to understand how medical liens can impact your ability to recover compensation for your losses. In this article, we will take a closer look at medical liens, how they are used in auto accident injury cases, and what you can do to protect your rights and maximize your compensation.

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Do most people have a car insurance policy with minimum requirements?

Ultimately, the vast majority of drivers carry car insurance and the majority carry the minimum liability coverage required by the state. But, there are many different types of car insurance policies and coverage limits available, so it is best to consult with a insurance agent or compare the different options to find the right coverage for you.

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As of September 2022, you have a better option for whiplash care in Petaluma.

When I started chiropractic college in 1998, one of the things that intrigue me the most about chiropractic care was the tool set a tardis to treat personal injury patients. Early on in my studies, I took weekend courses on whiplash and spinal trauma. I also took other classes from continuing education providers, but they […]

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