We Accept Attorneys' Liens

In the past several months, this clinic has built a reputation for being the chiropractic clinic in Petaluma that will work with attorneys on liens. If you are a personal injury attorney, feel free to reach out to us to let us manage the medical side of the med-legal case. We have been vetted by the prestigious Doctors on Liens directory, and we have been working with attorneys throughout the state of California.

If you are someone who has been injured in a car accident, what this means for you I that this office works with your attorney as a team player. We both work hard to get you out of pain, restore function, and make you whole again after an injury. It's just that we have different roles to play. Your attorney looks out for your rights, we look after your healing, and the attorney and I put together an agreement that holds each other accountable. This is the lien. Most chiropractors in Petaluma don't accept liens, because with a lien, we don't actually get paid for our services until the case is settled.

Since we take a special interest in helping people with car accidents and other injuries, we anticipate that our payment will be delayed. But this also forces us to be more organized through the process. Keeping track of visits. Watching progress to make sure no one gets lost in the process. Making referrals to the appropriate providers. Being organized is good for you, the patient, and you, the attorney.

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